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Submitted by imayday.
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Submitted by imayday.


The fact that Justin did FREE M&G with little kids in Japan
The fact that he didn’t do nothing bad last 3 month
The fact that he went to Japan with Pattie
The fact that he sang songs and played on the guitar
The fact that he’s happy
The fact that he didn’t hang out with some random girls
The fact that his relationship with Selena are going to be better


I seriously have so much respect for Justin. Whenever he makes a mistake he always owns up to it right away unlike 99% of celebrities who just try to hide their fuck ups. And after everything that has happened to him Justin STILL goes and performs his best for his fans. I will never understand why people hate him so much and a ton of people might think I’m crazy for saying this but I honestly look up to Justin so much.

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Selena and Justin with a fan Rossa in Indonesia (April 23, 2011) 
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